A cross between architecture, design, and sculpture, the bright red object resembles a sculpture at first glance, but closer inspection reveals it to be a bona fide living space. Built from non-polluting, recycled materials and drawing energy from attached solar panels, the self-contained, sustainable unit can be installed pretty much anywhere.

Like a tiny travelling cocoon, Shelter ByGG treats visitors to an innovative and unexpected take on everyday accommodation and questions the prevalent and accepted dichotomy of public and private or interior and exterior.

With this in mind, the small, but perfectly formed red gem could serve as an urban haven on busy city squares or provide shelter in areas lacking regular infrastructure. After its inaugural installation in the 2012 European Capital of Culture, Guimarães, Shelter ByGG is now free to roam the rest of the world.

And if escaping gridlock for a brief moment – or waking up near an urban monument – sounds good to you, Shelter ByGG is also available for rent.

Text: Lia Pack
Header image: Gabriela Gomes