International fashion professionals, hungry for the newest incarnations of beauty, venture to New York for fashion week. The hunt isn’t limited to the catwalks; it spills over onto the streets. Here, the new ideas and movements are founded and scouted that then influence the fashion and lifestyle industries worldwide—all emanating from the small island of Manhattan. Impressive outfits have become religion, not just for fashion-addicted bloggers, but for anyone passing through or around the week’s events.

At the legendary Milk Studios, New York Fashion Week’s most attended secondary location, we had enormous fun observing and photographing the most creative outfits just before the Jeremy Scott show. Many there were inspired by the master of fashion mayhem, Scott himself. Glamorized street wear, pure chic, as well as provocative cuts and colors walked among glittering flashes as photographers raced to capture as many outfit and detail shots as they could. Click through our photo gallery to see this explosive scene.

In our beautiful showroom on Broome Street, smart car experts showed off the masterpiece of car couture, while fashion enthusiasts from Tokyo, Milan and Paris gawked. But though the smart forjeremy intrigued and impressed the onlookers with its unique bodywork design, the fashionable visitors impressed us as well with fantastic outfits that gave us rushes of creativity. See some of the great examples in our photo gallery.