While cities have turned to urban food production strategies like victory gardens and community gardens in the past, I’m fascinated by how cities will continue to adapt and include food production into the urban landscape.

Christopher Wong asks: How can cities incorporate urban food production to feed and nourish its citizens?
Paul Pibernig answers: The urban habitant has somehow veered away from nature. First of all we have to reconnect with nature and rebuild our reference to it, before we are able to deal with urban cultivation in a regardful and considerate way.

What kind of nature is surrounding the cities we live in? How does it feel to step out of your city and try to step into a personal relation with nature?

I decided to take some of my friends out on a trip to the woods near Vienna. With my photos I try to capture this experience of nature and an individual approach to it.

Once we have experienced our own connection to nature, we can carry this experience back with us to the city, to help us gain a conversant association to nature in urban space and to urban food production.