Within this impressive 2,500-square-meter web of steel cables, weighing more than three tons, Saraceno has placed half a dozen giant “spheres” with diameters of a few meters, each adding up to 300 kg to the precarious structure’s weight. Yet despite the exhibit’s outsize measurements, the precisely tailored work feels exceptionally light and airy; mimicking the filigree, yet resilient nature of a spider’s web.

In collaboration with engineers, architects, and biologists it took Saraceno three years to realize his most elaborate work to date. After several years of studying the spinning techniques and web structures of different spider species, the Berlin-based artist now injects his insights on their workings, beauty, and inherent strength into his own artistic practice. Dedicated to the realization of utopian architectures on a global scale, Saraceno envisages an “Airport City,” a floating city in the clouds, that serves as an idealistic backdrop and context for his various existing projects. To him, this floating city embodies the realization of a social-utopian dream and a response to the increasingly uninhabitable nature of our planet, global population growth, and pressing environmental concerns. Open until late 2014, the Düsseldorf-based exhibition invites courageous souls to scale new heights and discover new perspectives.

All pictures, incl. the header image, by Studio Tomás Saraceno 2013, Kunstsammlung NRW
Text: Romy Uebel