They took their inspiration directly from the history of the land, which is located amongst the medieval ruins of a cistercian abbey and was cultivated for food production by monks for several centuries after the abbey was founded in 1135. Now once again a burgeoning vegetable garden, the project is run by the local community as a shared allotment space.

However, the artists were also influenced by more recent events. a photo dated 1906, retrieved from the Newham archives, illustrates the story of the Plaistow Landgrabbers, a group of unemployed men who took over a derelict plot of land and started growing vegetables to prove that they were willing to work.

Their legacy has been taken up in this modern-day display of nutritious productivity, not only in the formal flag design of the raised beds, which imitates the Landgrabbers’ Triangle camp, but also in the title of the project. On the brick wall behind the men in the photo, a phrase painted in white can just be made out. It says, “What Will The Harvest Be?”

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What will the harvest be