William Forsythe is a contemporary choreographer who decided to free the adult body from this particular inhibition. Together with Dana Caspersen, the American-born artist created a so-called ‘choreographic object’ to a soundtrack by Joel Ryan – say hello to the “White Bouncy Castle”!

photo: Dominik Mentzos
photo: Dominik Mentzos

This 30-meter-long inflated refuge offers a space for all those who just want to dance without any spectators around. “As soon as you enter the castle, you start to dance,” explains William Forsythe when questioned about his work. His goal is to engage the audience in a humorous yet serious examination of choreography and movement in everyday life. After all, his “White Bouncy Castle” prevents any serious, controlled, or ‘adult’ movements. Instead, those who enter invariably jump, hop, or turn around in pirouettes, accessing an inner child that giggles with glee at any movement. Here, people can really let loose, reduce stress, and learn to interact with others in a completely different way.

All photos by Dominik Mentzos

To mark the dance and theater festival “Foreign Affairs”, the White Bouncy Castle will stop in Berlin for a two-week period (28 June – 14 July 2013) to infuse the German capital with plenty of joy and childish excitement. So, if you happen to be in town, don’t miss the chance to jump around!

Lokhalle Schöneberg (Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände)
Prellerweg 47-49
D – 12157 Berlin

28 June to 14 July 2013

Opening hours:
Tue-Wed / Fri: 2pm-7.30pm, Thu: 4-10pm, Sat & Sun: 12-6pm


Text by Claudio Rimmele
Header image: Dominik Mentzos