Ur3anize! 2012, an interdisciplinary, ten day festival in Vienna, will discuss the potentials, possibilities and limits of this participation. At “Stadt selber machen” (DIY City), international artists, urban activists, scientists and visitors are invited to attend speeches and workshops, watch movies and take special guided tours of the Austrian capital.

The third edition of ur3anize! will for the first time inhabit the “Schraubenfabrik”. The old factory will function as an experimental space and a central node for the festival with music, food and drinks to keep energies high and mental capacities sharp.

Ur3anize! was started in 2010 by dérive, a Vienna-based association for urban research. Dérive also publishes an excellent quarterly magazine that is surely worth your time.

ur3anize! 2012 Festival
5th -14th of October 2012
Festivalzentrale: Schraubenfabrik
Lilienbrunngasse 18
1020 Vienna, Austria