The ‘Blanks in Between’ exhibition, the Workshop for Potential Design’s contribution to LDF ‘13, invited six designers to present artistic interpretations of the creative processes that turn physical elements into finished products.

Amongst the exhibits populating this labyrinthine workshop space (accessible via an incognito black door on the appropriately monikered Exhibition Road) was Peter Marigold’s ‘Roughed Out Soldiers’. The process of creating a colourful array of plastic toy combatants was displayed sequentially, with preliminary plastic moulds set out alongside the final casts — emphasising the evolution of form.

Blue Soldier by Peter Marigold
Blue Soldier by Peter Marigold

Also exploring the unseen side of material culture was Keith Harrison’s ‘Wreath _ Hide something, Change something’: a sculptural work consisting of 10 metal-framed, yellow lamps (mounted on a plywood backboard) whose light bulbs were coated in Chinese five-spice. When the lights went out and the sculpture faded from view, the smell of spice lingered. An aromatic reminder of how originally disparate parts combine to make up the whole.

Keith Harrison's ‘Wreath _ Hide something, Change something’
Keith Harrison’s ‘Wreath _ Hide something, Change something’

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