In New York two crochet artist are employing this now popular medium in solo exhibitions that target the waypoint of fashion, art and social commentary.

Nathan Vincent’s installation DONʼT MAKE ME count to three! will open with a reception on February 15th at Mighty Tanaka. His work explores the juxtaposition of society’s traditional roles with the fear of consequences for stepping out of line. Vincent has created an accumulative installation featuring an assortment of “explosives” crafted from fibers—virtual weaponry crocheted by hand that represents the confines of society and our ability to break out of the mold.

One week later on February 23rd, Agata Oleksiak — better known as Olek — will present The End is Far at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Known for her bold work and vivacious persona, Olek’s ever-expanding interventions have involved covering a multitude of people and objects in camouflage-patterned crochet: bicycles, cars, shopping carts, construction vehicles and prominent public art sculptures such as Wall Street’s Charging Bull, Alamo (the Astor Place cube) and Gato de Botero in Barcelona. The End is Far features new multi-layered crocheted sculptures and panels inspired by the past year’s events. With the addition of finely crocheted lace doilies, metallic gold ribbon and a new approach to typography, the show will explore themes of freedom, justice, feminine power and strength. She will also employ the iconography of boxing gloves, skulls, skeletons, sickles and horseshoes to lace throughout her message.

Both artists have also contributed to Bettery Magazine. Get to know Nathan Vincent’s and Olek’s work, and don’t miss their exhibitions if you happen to be in New York.