One of those crazy places is Times Square in New York City. But once a year the square famous for it’s advertising screens and bright lights is transformed into an idyllic place of calm and tranquility. At summer solstice, Yoga enthusiasts celebrate the longest day of the year by practicing yoga right there in the heart of New York City. Various Yoga Schools meet in the massive square to practice, thousands of Yoga mats are places along the sidewalks and the live Instructors are filmed and projected onto the video walls for everyone to see. The square slows down for the duration of the classes and Yogis, community and even the city get re-energized through stillness.

Because summer solstice has been traditionally associated with a renewal of mind, body and spirit the date seems perfect for the union of the Yogis. Being in tune with the natural forces and their own bodies, the experience creates a powerful sense of community that will remain even when the days get shorter again.

This year summer solstice takes place on Wednesday June 20th. There are four classes throughout the day, welcoming beginners as well as advanced Yoga enthusiasts. Everyone can easily pre-register here for the unique Yoga experience right in Times Square.